Dothiorella Sacc., Michelia 2(no. 6): 5 (1880).

MycoBank number: MB 8098; Index Fungorum number: IF 8098; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00148;  257 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 44 species with molecular data.

Type species: Dothiorella pyrenophora Berk. ex Sacc., Michelia 2(no. 6): 5 (1880)

Notes: Dothiorella has often been confused with Diplodia in morphological characterisations. The type species, Dothiorella pyrenophora differs from Diplodia by conidia that are brown and 1-septate early in their development, while they are still attached to the conidiogenous cells. Sexual morphs of Dothiorella have pigmented, septate ascospores. However, the sexual stage of the species is rarely found in nature and has never been reported in culture.