Dothidotthiaceae Crous & A.J.L. Phillips, in Phillips et al., Persoonia 21: 35 (2008)

Index Fungorum number: IF5117063

Dothidotthiaceae can be found as endophytes, plant pathogens and saprobes on various substrates worldwide (Marin-Felix et al. 2017, Pem 2019, Senwanna et al. 2019a, Hyde et al. 2019). This family was described by Phillips et al. (2008) with Dothidotthia as the generic type, and also includes Belizeana, Mycocentrospora, Muellerites, Phaeomycocentrospora, Pleiochaeta, Thyrostroma and Wilsonomyces (Hongsanan et al. 2020). An updated phylogeny for the family is provided.