Cryptocalicium Etayo, Olariaga and M. Prieto, gen. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 837503; Index Fungorum number: IF 837503; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Etymology: referring to the calicioid ascomata that occur hidden under the bark.

Ascomata apothecioid, stalked, producing a mazaedium. Hymenium with septate, sterile protruding elements. Asci clavate and with a long pedicel, bitunicate with evanescent walls, amyloid after a KOH + IKI treatment. Ascospores globose to subglobose, simple, pale brown, thick-walled, passively re- leased. Stalk corticate. Outermost layer of the stipe composed of 1–2 rows of cylindrical hyphae, aseptate, dark reddish brown, tightly adhered. Stalk medulla composed of cylindrical hyphae, hyaline. Pigment granules on the external surface of ascomata, dark violet in water, partly dissolving and turning turquoise green in KOH.

Type: Cryptocalicium blascoi Etayo, Olariaga and M. Prieto