Cryptendoxyla Malloch & Cain, Can. J. Bot. 48(10): 1816 (1970)

MycoBank number: MB 1309; Index Fungorum number: IF 1309; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13019; 2 species with sequence data.

Type speciesCryptendoxyla hypophloia Malloch & Cain

NotesCryptendoxyla was introduced by Malloch & Cain (1970) in family of Pseudeurotiaceae, which was typified by Cryptendoxyla hypophloia. Based on the results of phylogenetic investigations, Cryptendoxyla was placed in Cephalothecaceae (Wijayawardene et al. 2012, Maharachchikumbura et al. 2016b). It is characterized by ascospores which are cylindrical to oblong and brown to dark brown with small guttules.


  • Cryptendoxyla hypophloia