Clonostachys Corda, Pracht-Fl. Eur. Schimmelbild.: 31 (1839)

Index Fungorum number: IF 7701

Rossman et al. (2013) linked Bionectria with Clonostachys. Being the older and most common name, Clonostachys was prioritized over the other. We provide the updated phylogeny for this genus.

Phylogram generated from maximum likelihood analysis based on combined ITS, LSU and β-TUB sequence data. Seventy strains are included in the combined analyses which comprised 1913 characters (494 characters for ITS, 826 characters for LSU, 593 characters for β-TUB) after alignment. For all the gene regions, GTR+I+G was applied as the evolutionary model. Tree topology of the maximum likelihood analysis is similar to the Bayesian analysis. The best RAxML tree with a final likelihood value of -14769.468086 is presented. Estimated base frequencies were as follows: A = 0.221888, C = 0.265899, G = 0.263656, T = 0.248558; substitution rates AC = 1.146223, AG = 2.770669, AT = 1.186738, CG = 0.735209, CT = 4.296741, GT = 1.000000; gamma distribution shape parameter a = 0.623634. Bootstrap support values for ML greater than 75% and Bayesian posterior probabilities greater than 0.99 are given near nodes respectively. The tree is rooted with Fusarium acutatum (CBS 402.97) and Nectria cinnabarina (CBS 125165). Ex-type strains are in bold and black. The newly generated sequences are indicated in yellow.