Chlorocillium Zare & W. Gams, Mycol. Progr. 15: 1005 (2016)

Index Fungorum number: IF 815506

Chlorocillium, an entomogenous phialidic hyphomycete parasitic on aphids, Coccidae and spiders, was introduced by Zare and Gams (2016) for C. griseum (Petch) Zare & W. Gams (basionym: Acremonium griseum Petch) based on morphology and LSU and ITS phylogenetic analyses. This monotypic genus has slow-growing, dry, greenish-ochraceous colonies, short, verticillate conidiophores, with phialidic conidiogenous cells, and produces fusiform, hyaline conidia in dry chains, which distinguishes it from Verticillium and other verticillium-like taxa (Zare and Gams 2016). Chlorocillium is a member of the Hypocreales genera incertae sedis (Bibi et al. 2021). Only the asexual morph was reported.