Chaetosphaerella E. Müll. & C. Booth, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 58(1): 76 (1972)

Index Fungorum number: IF969; 2 species with sequence data.
Type species – Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma (Durieu & Mont.) E. Müll. & C. Booth

Notes – Chaetosphaerella was introduced by Müller & Booth (1972) and included two species, C. phaeostroma and C. fusca. The type species C. phaeostroma, is characterized by black ascomata surrounded by a subiculum, with tuberculate or roughened perithecia, clavate asci and pigmented ascospores. Sivanesan (1976) and Varghese & Rao (1979a) included C. fusispora and C. indica in Chaetosphaerella based on the characters, however, Réblová (1999a, b) excluded them based on different morphology of the peridium, setae, asci and conidiogenesis. Chaetosphaerella is closely related to Crassochaeta.