Ceratosphaeria Niessl, Verh. nat. Ver. Brünn 14: 203 (1876)

MycoBank number: MB 897; Index Fungorum number: IF 897; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07923; 26 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 3 species with sequence data.

Type speciesCeratosphaeria lampadophora (Berk. & Broome) Niessl

Notes – The genera was established to accommodate recombined species, Ceratosphaeria lampadophora (= Sphaeria lampadophora), species found from wood in Great Britain (Niessl 1876). Ceratosphaeria is characterized by globose to pyriform, immersed to almost superficial, dark coloured stromatic ascomata, leathery to fragile perithecial walls, cylindric-clavate, short- stipitate asci, truncate to broadly rounded at the apex, with an apical ring and allantoid to suballantoid, pale brown, aseptate ascospores and a harpophora-like asexual morph with phialidic conidiogenesis (Hyde et al. 1997b, Niessl 1876, Réblová 2006). Five species in this genus have been recorded from freshwater habitats (Luo et al. 2019).