Ceratosphaerella Huhndorf, Greif, Mugambi & A.N. Mill., Mycologia 100(6): 941 (2008)

Index Fungorum number: IF508749; 2 species with sequence data.

Type species – Ceratosphaerella castillensis (C.L. Sm.) Huhndorf, Greif, Mugambi & A.N. Mill.

Notes – Huhndorf et al. (2008) introduced Ceratosphaerella castillensis (≡ Ceratosphaeria castillensis) from the bark of Castillo viejo and described a new species, C. rhizomorpha from decaying wood in Kenya. The sexual morph of the genus is characterized by clavate asci, fusiform and hyaline ascospores with 3-septa. The asexual morph has synnemata and ellipsoid to cylindrical conidia, which are pale to darker brown, and 1–3-septate.