Celosporium Tsuneda & M.L. Davey, Botany 88: 472 (2010).

Type species: Celosporium laricicola Tsuneda & M.L. Davey [as ‘larixicolum’], Botany 88(5): 473 (2010), Facesoffungi number: FoF00112

Notes: Celosporium was introduced by Tsuneda and Davey (2010) to accommodate a single species C. laricicola. This is characterized by dematiaceous hyphae forming terminal or intercalary, black, irregular shaped cellular clumps, conidiomata with aggregated cellular clumps and 1 to 3 celled, hyaline endoconidia, variable size and shape released by cell-wall dissolution of the conidiogenous cells. Phylogenetic analyses (LSU and ITS) of Tsuneda and Davey (2010) shows that C. laricicola clustered in Dothideales. In their ITS analyses C. laricicola nested with endophytes of spruce and slow growing dematiaceous endolithic fungi by forming a strongly supported clade. Although C. laricicola clustered among endophytes and slow growing dematiaceous endolithic fungi, it separates from the other endoconidial dothidealean taxa. Our phylogenetic analysis also confirmed the placement of C. laricicola in Dothideales but it separates from both clades A and B. Therefore, we remain Celosporium in Dothideales, genera incertae sedis.