Caliciaceae Chevall., Fl. gén. env. Paris 1: 314. (1826)

Index Fungorum number: IF80543;

The lichenized family Caliciaceae was introduced by Chevallier (1826) to encompass both lichenized and lichenicolous speciesb (Prieto & Wedin 2017). This family comprises 36 genera (Lücking et al. 2017, Wijayawardene et al. 2017, 2020). The taxa are characterized by prototunicate asci and mazaedium, which facilitates the dispersal of the ascospores (Wedin & Tibell 1997, Prieto & Wedin 2017). Gaya et al. (2012) proposed two subfamilies in Caliciaceae including, Calicioideae and Buellioideae. Nonetheless, this classification was rather unclear due to poor taxon sampling. Caliciaceae is a poorly studied group, and its taxonomy needs to resolve (Prieto & Wedin 2017).