Cainiella E. Müll., Sydowia 10(1-6): 120 (1957)

Index Fungorum number: IF720; 2 species with sequence data.

Type species – Cainiella johansonii (Rehm) E. Müll.

NotesCainiella was introduced by Muller (1957) based on Lizonia johansonii. Cainiella comprises C. borealis in addition to the type species. This genus is characterized by dark, immersed ascomata, with long-necks, deliquescing paraphyses, as well as asci with a J-, refractive ring and 1-septate ascospores. Cainiella species are saprobic or very mild pathogens on arctic dwarf shrubs and prostrate evergreen subshrubs.

  • Cainiella borealis

  • Cainiella johansonii