Butleria Sacc., Annales Mycologici 12: 302 (1914).

MycoBank number: MB 692; Index Fungorum number: IF 692; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06542; 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data available for B. bissexguttatus.

Type speciesButleria inaghatahani Sacc. [as ‘inaghatahani’], Annls mycol. 12(3): 303 (1914).

NotesButleria is a monotypic genus and was placed in Myriangiaceae by von Arx & Müller (1975). However, Barr (1979a) placed this genus in Elsinoacae and Lumbsch & Huhndorf (2007, 2010), Li et al. (2011) and Hyde et al. (2013) followed this classification. This genus has similarities with Elsinoaceae in being a parasite on leaves, but differs in having ascostromata on both sides of the leaves, with single asci with a small ocular chamber in each locule and shows similarity to Myriangiaceae in having globose, single asci in each locule. Butleria can be characterized Myriangiaceae by its brown ascospores. Therefore, Jayawardena et al. (2014) excluded this genus from Elsinoaceae and placed it in Myriangiaceae. Dissanyake et al. (2014) followed this. Fresh collections and sequence data are needed to establish it familial position in Dothideomycetes.


  • Butleria inaghatahani