Brocchiosphaera brocchiata (Tubaki) K. Yamag., Chuaseehar. & Nakagiri, comb. nov. Fig. 5A, B, DeI; Table 3.

MycoBank number: MB 824172; Index Fungorum number: IF 824172Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Candelabrum brocchiatum Tubaki, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan 16: 134, 1975.

Type: JAPAN, Hyogo, Kobe, Lake Sengari, on balsa-wood block immersed in water, 3 Oct 1974, (holotype, NBRC H-11656; ex- holotype culture, NBRC 30048).

Gene sequences ex-holotype: LC331736 (LSU), LC332953 (ITS), LC333313 (RPB2).

Other specimens examined: NBRC H-12812; NBRC H-12816; NBRC H-12817; NBRC H-12850; NBRC H-12863.

Other cultures examined: NBRC 106805; NBRC 109730; NBRC 109732; NBRC 109737; NBRC 109739; NBRC 109741; NBRC 109743; NBRC 109744; NBRC 109745; NBRC 109747.

Mycelium immersed, branched, septate, hyaline. Conidiophores macro- to semimacronematous, mononematous, unbranched, hyaline and arising from repent hyphae. Conidiogenous cells monoblastic, terminal. Conidia solitary, acrogenous, composed of dichotomous or trichotomous branches, terminating inflated short dichotomous branches, each of which is ornamented with minute tubercles, developing into a globose or subglobose propagule, 37e234(e296) (26e)34e166(e225) mm, hyaline to orange. Colony growth slow, reaching 11e26(e30) mm diam on PCA, 9e24(e34)  mm  diam  on  PDA  including  approximately  5  mm inoculum at 25 ◦C after 1 mo. Colony color white on PCA, pale yellow-brown (buff) on PDA. Teleomorph unknown.a

Fig. 5. Conidial morphology of Brocchiosphaera brocchiata (A, B, DeI), B. microspora (C) and B. bulbiformis (JeO). A: Conidia produced on the surface of a submerged decaying twig. B, C, O: DIC micrographs of conidium. DeN: Scanning electron micrographs of conidium. D to G and J to M show the conidial development by dichotomous or trichotomous branching of the conidial cells. I and N show the matured conidial tips bearing minute tubercles. O shows bulbiform terminal cells. A, D, E, G, I: NBRC 109730. B: NBRC H-11656 (¼ NBRC 30048). C: NBRC 108099. F, H: NBRC 109744. J: NBRC 109738. KeN: NBRC 109748. O: NBRC H-13290 (¼ NBRC 109748). Bars: B 50 mm; C, O 20 mm; DeG, JeM 10 mm; H, I, N 5 mm.