Boliniales P.F. Cannon, Ainsworth & Bisby’s Dictionary of the Fungi, Edn 9 (Wallingford): x (2001)

Index Fungorum Number: IF90530
Boliniales was established by Kirk et al. (2001) and comprises a single-family Boliniaceae based on perithecial, brown to black ascomata and cylindrical asci with smooth, ellipsoid ascospores with apical germ pores (Rick 1931, Huang et al. 2019). Most members in Boliniales have been found in America and Europe and primarily occur on wood and no asexual morph is known (Zhang et al. 2006, Huang et al. 2019). Multi-gene analyses have shown that the order is closely related to Meliolales, Phyllachorales and Chaetosphaeriales within Sordariomycetidae (Lumbsch & Huhndorf 2010, Hongsanan et al. 2017, Hyde et al. 2017a, Huang et al. 2019). The divergence time for Boliniales has been estimated as 158 MYA. Currently, there is one family and nine genera in this order.