Bifusisporella R.M.F. Silva, R.J.V. Oliveira, J.D.P. Bezerra, Souza-Motta & G.A. Silva, Mycol. Progr. 18: 852 (2019)

Index Fungorum number: IF828222; 1 species with sequence data.

Type species – Bifusisporella sorghi R.M.F. Silva, R.J.V. Oliveira, J.D.P. Bezerra, SouzaMotta & G.A. Silva

Notes – Bifusisporella was introduced as an endophyte from healthy leaves of Sorghum bicolor in Brazil based on morphology and phylogenetic analysis (Silva et al. 2019). It forms phialides in culture consisting of curved, elongate and cylindrical-clavate conidiogenous cells, and both macroconidia and microconidia (Silva et al. 2019). The sexual morph of Bifusisporella has not been reported.


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