Bifrontia Norman, Bot. Notiser: 18 (1872).

Saprobic on dead wood. Sexual state:Ascomatasuperficial, seated on a subiculum, solitary or gregarious, globose to subglobose, black, cupulate, turbinate, collapsing when mature or dried, central ostiole. Peridium thick-walled, outer layer composed of 3–4-layers of brown cells of textura subangularis, innermost layers of 2–3-layers of hyaline cells of textura subprismatica. Hamathecium with sparse pseudoparaphyses.Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate, fusiform, broadly rounded above, thick-walled, narrowingtowards the base, short-pedicellate, arranged in rows on basal cells of ascomata. Ascospores overlapping fasciculate, long-fusiform, straight to slightly curved, 7–9-septate, constricted at septa, pale brown, smooth-walled. Asexual state: Unknown.

Lectotype species designated here: Bifrontia compactior Norman, Bot. Notiser: 19 (1872).