Ascotrichella Valldos. & Guarro, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 90(4): 601 (1988)

Notes: This monotypic genus is typified by Ascotrichella hawksworthii Valldos. & Guarro, which is a coprophilous fungus isolated from bird dung in Chile (Valldosera and Guarro 1988). Ascotrichella is an astromatic species and due to the presence of asci with a J- apical ring, it was referred to Xylariaceae by Valldosera and Guarro (1988). They further considered Ascotrichella is similar to Ascotricha Berk., which is an accepted genus in Xylariaceae. Both genera have ostiolate ascomata, cylindrical asci and ascospores with germ slits (Valldosera and Guarro 1988). However, Ascotricha possesses long, hyphoid, hyaline terminal hairs with sterile protrusions and an asexual morph similar to Dicyma is present in Ascotricha species. Based on these differences inmorphological  characteristics, Lumbsch and Huhndorf (2010) placed the genus in Xylariales genera incertae sedis and the same was followed by Maharachchikumbura et al. (2015, 2016). In this study, we follow the same classification mainly due to the differences in asexual morphs of Ascotricha and Ascotrichella. The asexual morph of Ascotricha usually grows independent of the ascomata, without hairs (Cheng et al. 2016), instead the asexual morph of Ascotrichella is
humicola-like and develops on long ascomatal hairs (Valldosera and Guarro 1988).