Ascitendus J. Campb. & Shearer, Mycologia 96(4): 829 (2004)

Index Fungorum number: IF28871; 2 species with sequence data

Type species – Ascitendus austriacus (Réblová, Winka & Jaklitsch) J. Campb. & Shearer

Notes – Ascitendus was introduced by Campbell & Shearer (2004) to accommodate Ascolacicola austriaca based on morphology and phylogenetic analyses of 28S rDNA sequence data. Ascitendus aquaticus was introduced in the genus by Hyde et al. (2018b). Ascitendus austriacus occurs on submerged corticated or decorticated wood in freshwater habitats and causes soft-rot cavities on balsa wood in culture (Campbell & Shearer 2004).


  • Ascitendus austriacus