Aquastroma Kaz. Tanaka & K. Hiray., in Tanaka et al., Stud. Mycol. 82: 115 (2015)

Index Fungorum number: IF811325

Aquastroma was introduced as a monotypic genus by Tanaka et al. (2015) with A. magniostiolatum as the type species. The genus is characterized by immersed to erumpent, globose in surface view, scattered to grouped compressed ascomata, with heavily melanised, subglobose cells, with a thick-walled ostiolar neck, fissitunicate, clavate, stipitate, 8-ascospored asci, hyaline, multiseptate, constricted at septa, smooth sacospores with an entire sheath (Tanaka et al. 2015). Aquastroma magniostiolata, being the only species in the genus, was found from freshwater environment (Tanaka et al. 2015). In this study, a new geographical record of A. magniostiolata is described and illustratred