Amniculicola Y. Zhang & K.D. Hyde, Mycol. Res. 112(10): 1189 (2008).

MycoBank number: MB 511328; Index Fungorum number: IF 511328; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08154; 6 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 5 species with molecular data.

Type speciesAmniculicola lignicola Y. Zhang ter & K.D. Hyde.

NotesAmniculicola is the type genus of Amniculicolaceae which was introduced by Zhang et al. (2008b). There are six Amniculicola species listed in Index Fungorum (2020) and all collected from submerged wood in freshwater (Zhang et al. 2008b, 2009c, Rossman et al. 2016). These members stain the woody substrate purple and the significance of the purple staining should be further investigated.


Fig. Amniculicola lignicola (Material examined: FRANCE, Rimont, Ruisseau de Peyrau on driftwood of Alnus glutinosa, 23 July 2006, J. Fournier,HKU(M) 17515, holotype). a, b Placement of the ascomata on host surface. c Close up of ascomata with slit like opening. d, e Section of ascoma (TS) with purple basal consisting of remnants of the host. f Close up of the peridium. g Slot-like ostiole, apex well-differentiated into two tuberculate flared lips. h Septate, long, hyaline, anastomosing and branched pseudoparaphyses placing between and above the asci. i -l Eight-spored asci with short, furcate pedicel. m-o Hyaline ascospores, with deeply constricted median septa. p Ascospores surrounded by an irregular hyaline gelatinous sheath in Indian ink. Scale bars: d–e = 150μm, f =25μm, g =40μm, h =5μm, i–l =50μm, m–p =10μm