Allotrechispora daweishanensis (C.L. Zhao) L.W. Zhou & S.L. Liu

MycoBank number: MB 559878; Index Fungorum number: IF 559878; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12858;


Trechispora daweishanensis C.L. Zhao, in Zong, Liu, Wu & Zhao, Phytotaxa 479(2): 153 (2021).

   ≡ Brevicellicium daweishanense (C.L. Zhao) Z.B. Liu & Yuan Yuan, Frontiers in Microbiology 13(no. 818358): 15 (2022).

Material examined: AUSTRALIA, Tasmania, Tahune Adventures, The Look-in Look-out, on fallen trunk of Atherosperma moschatum, 15 May 2018, L.W. Zhou, LWZ 20180515-18 (holotype in MEL, isotype in HMAS).

Distribution: AUSTRALIA

Notes: Trechispora daweishanensis was recently described from southwestern China (Zong et al. 2021). Although the authors stated that their phylogeny indicates this species nested within Trechispora, this genus was not recovered as a well-supported clade (Fig. 1 in Zong et al. 2021). A later phylogenetic analysis revealed the separation of T. daweishanensis from Trechispora, but unfortunately this phylogeny sampling taxa incomprehensively was incorrectly recognized and T. daweishanensis was accordingly transferred to Brevicellicium (Liu et al. 2022). According to the current phylogeny (Fig. 3), T. daweishanensis does not belong to Trechispora and Brevicellicium, but falls within a distinct clade described as a new genus Allotrechispora in Trechisporales. Therefore, T. daweishanensis is transferred to Allotrechispora.