Acanthonitschkea Speg., Anal. Mus. nac. B. Aires, Ser. 3 17(10): 116 (1908)
Index Fungorum number: IF12; 9 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 2
species with sequence data.

Type species – Acanthonitschkea argentinensis Speg.

Notes – Acanthonitschkea argentinensis has spinate ascomata and clavate asci with reniform
ascospores (Spegazzini 1908). It was considered as a member of Coronophoraceae (Müller & von
Arx 1973, von Arx 1981a, Subramanian & Sekar 1990). Mugambi & Huhndorf (2010) transferred
the genus to Nitschkiaceae based on multi-gene analysis. The genus is closely related to
in Fig. 15.