Abrothallales Pérez-Ort. & Suija.

= Lichenoconiales Diederich, Lawrey & K.D. Hyde.

MycoBank number: MB 806050; Index Fungorum number: IF 806050; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08045.

Abrothallales was established by Pérez-Ortega and Suija (in Pérez-Ortega et al. 2014) based on its monophyletic placement and morphological distinctness within the class Dothideomycetes. Diederich et al. (in Hyde et al. 2013) had introduced Lichenoconiales, which Liu et al. (2017) recovered as a sister clade of Abrothallales, raising the question of whether both orders should be maintained. Diederich et al. (2018) synonymized Lichenoconiales with Abrothallales and tentatively Lichenoconiaceae with Abrothallaceae. Pérez-Ortega and Suija agreed with Diederich et al. (2018) to use the name Abrothallales since Abrothallus is the most outstanding, easily recognizable and better-known genus in the group. Lichenoconiaceae is the older name, therefore, we retain Lichenoconiaceae over Abrothallaceae. Abrothallales contains species which are lichenicolous, parasymbiontic or parasitic on macrolichens from a single family Abrothallaceae (Pérez-Ortega et al. 2014; Wijayawardene et al. 2017a). The divergence time for Abrothallales is estimated as 204 MYA (stem age, Hongsanan et al. 2020) (Fig. 1).

Accepted families: Lichenoconiaceae.