Caudospora Starbäck, Bih. K. svenskaVetensk Akad. Handl.,Afd. 3 15(no. 2): 11 (1889)

Index Fungorum number: IF854; 2 species with sequence data.

Type species – Caudospora taleola (Fr.) Starbäck

NotesCaudospora is characterized by immersed perithecia in corticolous pseudostromata delimited by a distinct blackish zone, a whitish ectostromatic disc with few converging ostioles, cylindrical asci and hyaline, 2-celled ascospores with or without an appendage at each end and 2–3 median appendages. Caudospora taleola is a saprobe or weak pathogen which can cause canker diseases (Phillips & Burdekin 1992).

  • Caudospora iranica

  • Caudospora taleola